The Commemorative Sculptures

The two sculptures commissioned by the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society to mark the site of one of the crucial battles of the Wars of the Roses have now been erected. They also celebrate the historic character of the town of Tewkesbury.

They have been placed on and near the Stonehill roundabout, where the A38 Gloucester Road meets the new Tewkesbury relief road on the southern edge of the town. It was from here the Yorkist forces would have had their first sight of their Lancastrian opponents on the morning of the Battle.

Arrivall installation












The title ‘The Arrivall’ is taken from the title of an abbreviated account of Edward IV’s recovery of the English throne from Henry VI in 1471. The opposing armies are each represented by a single monumentally-scaled oak sculpture.



















The Yorkists are represented by a 5 meter high horse carrying a knight who holds an 8 meter long stainless steel lance topped with a pennant. This piece named Victor and is located on the roundabout.


The second piece, Vanquished, is a riderless horse and has a similar lance resting across its back. It stands on the opposite verge south of the roundabout and faces the mounted knight. Its head is bowed and represents the defeated Lancastrian army. Vanquished 2

The sculptures have been constructed using selected boughs of green English Oak, their natural bends and forks recreating the limbs and outline of the horses. These boughs also reflect the timbers seen in many of the historic buildings in Tewkesbury.

The artists who created these pieces are Philip Bews and Diane Gorvin who live and work in Coleford in the Forest of Dean. Whilst working in Cheshire, they completed many public commissions in the North West, including Liverpool and Manchester. After producing several sculptures for the London Docklands redevelopment, they have created works in the South West, South East, Midlands and Wales and have also worked in Hong Kong, France, Australia, Sweden and Canada.

The project has been running since 1997, beginning with a design competition funded by the Town Council. There then followed slow ploughing through a morass of safety, highways and planning regulations. After final approval was given in August 2011 the next challenge was tackled – finding the funding to make these  sculptures a reality. Due to the protracted planning process, costs had escalate from the original £30,000. But this had also given the society time to raised enough money, through numerous events, to get the work started. Then thanks to the continued persistence of the membership in fundraising, generous donations from charitable organisations and ‘in kind’ contributions from local businesses the final target was achieved giving us all a lasting memorial to an historic  event and a new land mark for Tewkesbury.

One of the main sources to fund this project came from The 1471 Fraternity.

This fraternity comprises individuals, families and organisations all of whom contributed monies based around the sum of £14.71p (1471 being the year of the Battle). Tewkesbury Battlefield Society is delighted to list the members of this group and to thank them for their support, without which we could not have achieved our monumental goal.

Richard III Soc; Norfolk branch

Stuart & Nikki Yapp

Petite Fleur

Ian Nicholson

Buttercup Launderette

Courtney World travel

Justin Gowthorpe

Frank & Betty Franklin

Barbara Cromwell

IB and J Thomas

Clive Woolford Motor Engineers

Margaret Bird

Tirlebrook School

Graham & Anita Turner

Gill & Steve Goodchild

David Cooley

Fred Smith

Shaun M Kelso

Transnorm Systems

Chris Lodwig

Margaret Lucas

Frank Scibilia

David Dudley

G Macri

Tewkesbury Nutrition Centre

Alex & Pam Summers

Tewkesbury Cookshop

Amy Allen

B Nicholson

Adrianne Cooley

J Schofield

M.D. Warner

J.M. Lancaster

Colin Parker

Tewkesbury Autospares

Randall Hibbert

Adam Saunders (Pat Seymour)

EW and WJ Lycett

Geoff and Angie Pope

Carolyn Cooley

Moog Controls

Brian & Ruth Howgate

Chloe Cooley

Colin Dibben

Helen Carver

Gemma, John, Pepper & Lola Davidson

P Bell

RE Green

John and Jo Goodchild

RW and AB Baldwin

S Miles

Sherry Tovey

SPP Pumps Ltd

Jonathan Bristow

Mrs Margaret J George

Mrs A Cadbury

LW & JA Buchanan

The Jolly Rogues

T L Ganderton

Georgina Scibilia

Wendy Montellier

Elizabeth Wright

PR and A Raggatt

Andrew Lawrence

C D Bell

The Linden-Fraser family

Dizz & John Davidson

RA Sear and BT Sear

Stephanie Jepson

Kim Simpson and Trebble

WE and DE Hunt

Peter Crocker

Miss Olivia Hood

Kingscott Dix

Colin & Kitty Mullinder

G  Callan

Helen Burns

Hilary Henderson

Jan Lucas

Maureen Sullivan

Cliff Price

Christine Spencer

Miss Amelia Fern

Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum

Geraldine Liddy

I D Turland

Mike and Wendy Wakeman

Jerry Ward

Mr P Remmer

Peter Williams

Sutton Household

Alfie Richardson (C J Hawker)

Andrew and Christine Turner

Clive Montellier

G Miles-Stephens

Mrs Pamela Benstead

Ian Bartlett

Richard III Soc; Worcestershire branch

Marion Roope

Oberthur Technologies UK

Penelope Tubbs

Walton Cardiff Parish Council

Margaret Bird

Ann Morrell

Tom Francis

Sara Goodchild

JHC Coldicott

TAG estate agents

Amanda Thomas

Margaret Gribble

Miss Marnie Lamborn

MJ and MK Stretton

Bob Davis

John Dixon

Harry Richardson (C J Hawker)

Malcolm Gribble

Steve Perry

Theoc House

Baytree Gifts

Jez Paulson

Susan W Snaith

Mary Lodwig

Brian Reeve

David Varga (Mrs Julie Day)

Mike Palmer

Robert Stephens

The Summerfield Trust

PJ and CJ Aldridge

John Faull

Miss Megan Hood

Mrs Val Gregg

Mr T Webley

Barry & Hilary Rossiter

Rosemary Wherrett

Annie Goodwin

Eifion Thomas

Roy Smith

Tony & Jennifer Barrett

CD and HS Green

Cotteswold Dairy Ltd

Mike G Wilson

Arthur & Dawn Firkins

J Miles

Jack & Joyce Goodchild

C. M. Francis

Gareth and Helen Hill

Elaine Hancox

John Braybrooke

Adrian Fray

Barbara Dudley

Mrs Jean Mansfield

Thompson & Bancks, Solicitors

Andrew Banyard

Ian K Lawson

Keith Miles

J F Parker

C Hamblin

M J Glenister

J H Mead

Bob Davis

Mr R.A. Beswick

Tewkesbury Town Council

Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum

A Norris and F Thornton

Mrs Dawn Wilson

A R Horton

Brian and Carol Holmes

Matthew and Kathryn Pope

A Macri

Gregg James

Phil Fraser

Lester Hall

Arz Kovex

Jaki Lake

Neil Templeman

D.P. and W.T. Treble

A. R. Lawrence

Cate Cody

John Day.

Doug Weeks

Terry Golding

Miss Harriet Fern

Clive Buckle

Tewkesbury CAMRA

Anwar Ali

The Edlin Family

The Daisy Chain

Stephen Dunford

Jan Henry

Mrs Pat Fazey

Mr Christopher Fazey

Miss Sarah Martyn

Miss Georgia Fazey

Mr Andy Atkins

Mrs Jane Atkins

Mr Liam Atkins

Miss Carenza Atkins


And the companies who gave their time and resources to help in the construction:

Kennard Engineering

Bredon Scaffolding

Edgwick Transport

NB Hartell Construction

Grail Engineering

Peter Goodhind

Last, but not least: