Tewkesbury Battlefield Society Patron

Posted on by Steve Goodchild.

The Society is proud to be able to announce that Robert Hardy Esq. CBE, FSA has accepted our invitation to become our Patron.

He continues to have a very busy professional life as an actor as well as being involved in a number of historical organisations. He presumably also has a private life, so we’re very grateful for his support.

Mr. Hardy is, among many other things, a trustee of the Battlefields Trust. It was in this role that we first met him, at a Battlefields Trust conference in Swindon in 1997. He proved to be a great friend to our cause, which at that point was protecting the battlefield. Among other things, he appeared on a national radio program (Today) to explain the importance of Tewkesbury, and ran rings around the Councilor who was foolish enough to attempt to present the case for housing developments on battlefield sites. We hope that this new relationship will be a long and fruitful one.

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