Events & walks


The Society is frequently asked to supply speakers for groups or societies, to give presentations about aspects of the battle or the people, events and politics surrounding it. (Please use our contacts page if you require any further information.)

Working with Tewkesbury Museum, we also provide outreach to both primary and secondary schools.


At a social level, the Society organises events for members and joins with other groups in joint events. Details are circulated to members. Among the highlights have been:

Society activities 2017 :

Street Banner painting. From Monday 4th January and then every Monday afternoon until 6th June, 1pm – 4pm in Elizabeth Wyatt House, Barton Rd. Tewkesbury.


Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July. Lower Lode Lane, Tewkesbury.


For more details on any of these events please use our contacts page.



There are lots of possibilities for walking the battlefield. The southern part is largely open and undeveloped, partly due to our efforts in the past in objecting to building applications. There are routes from Gloucester, by the river Severn and from Tredington, by the river Swilgate. These are pleasant walks, with a number of footpaths criss-crossing the area.

In 1986, a way-marked trail was laid out, and a leaflet is available for self-guiding through the core of the battlefield. This is an easy walk and will take no more than an hour to complete. The Society provides a comprehensive programme of guided walks, which are described below. Additionally, walks can be tailored for the requirements and capabilities of interest groups. We have catered for everyone from the local heart support group to Wars of the Roses societies.

Battlefield Trail

Tewkesbury Battlefield Trail

The summer walk.

Starting at the Crescent, Church Street, at 7.30 in the evening, generally, but not always, on the first Thursday of the month, this walk takes about two hours of gentle strolling. The “talk” explains the complex background to the battle, the conduct of the battle itself, and the fate of the main participants. It visits the “front line” and follows the action back into Tewkesbury.

The winter walk

Exactly as the summer walk, but starting at 2.30pm from The Crescent next to the abbey, generally on the first Sunday of the month. The walk may be subject to variations if there are any  floods in Tewkesbury.

A tour viewing Tewkesbury Abbey from the Monument

The Tredington walk

Normally on the Sunday prior to the anniversary of the Battle, a walk along the footpaths to Tredington, site of the Yorkist camp the night before the battle. This is again a couple of hours, but with no commentary. Just a walk, and a bit of a debate. The walk starts at 11.00am from the Queen Margaret’s Camp, opposite Gupshill Manor pub, on the Gloucester Road and returns in time for a pub lunch.

The Memorial Walk

On the Sunday closest to May 4th, the commemorative walk starts in Tewkesbury from The Crescent, Church Street, at 2-oopm. The walk covers the progress of the battle includes a discussion on tactics and weapons. The tour takes about two to two and a half hours, depending on the amount of discussion entered into.

The Festival walks

On the Sunday of the Medieval Festival in July.  Starts around 1-30pm (Please listen for announcements). Starting from the public information tent on the fair, and taking a couple of hours and looks at aspects of the battlefield which are within parts of the Festival site. This is less of a guided walk and more of a travelling debate, as it is often joined by battlefield historians, and/or battle re-enactors.

Walk dates and locations

Thursday        July 13th 7-30 pm The Crescent Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield.
Thursday   August 3rd 7-30 pm The Crescent   Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield.
Thursday September 7th 7-30pm The Crescent   Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield. This the last summer walk and finishes in twilight.
Sunday  October 1st 2-30pm The Crescent   Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield.
 Sunday November 5th 2-30pm The Crescent Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield.
Sunday December 3rd 2-30 pm The Crescent   Church Street 2 hour guided tour of the battlefield.