Chairman’s newsletter

From our Chairman’s newsletter..
Our New Patron

I’m very pleased to be able to report that Ruth Goodman has been offered, and accepted, the role of patron of the Society. Ruth is very well known for her enthusiasm for history, and particularly living history. She’s survived the rigours of life in nearly every century of the last millennium, I suspect, and entertained us couch potatoes whilst doing so.

Some years ago, Alex Summer, who is full of ideas, promoted a plan to equip the Merchant’s House in Church Street with items as set out in the will of a Thomas Workman, a Tudor merchant. He planned to set up a Trust to permanently man the building with re-enactors. The top team, then and now, was the Tudor Group. Ruth and Mark Goodman were the group’s leading lights, so visited Tewkesbury to discuss the project. The project itself came to nought, but the Tudor Group developed a relationship with the John Moore Museum and for several years they occupied the Merchant’s House through the Medieval Festival weekend.

Ruth is familiar with Tewkesbury, and with her profile and skill-set is an ideal Patron. Welcome, Ruth.

Our Late Patron

On Sunday 6th May, the closest Sunday to the battle anniversary, we held a small ceremony, in conjunction with the Medieval Festival, to plant a yew tree in memory of Robert Hardy. It is planted in the land behind the Council offices, on the slopes of what was Windmill Hill, close to the place where the annual archery competition takes place. It was a beautiful late spring morning and thirty or forty people attended, including Robert’s son, daughter and nephew. The only surprise was that the Tewkesbury triathlon was being held a few hundred yards away, which ruled out the planned volley of arrows.

Carol McIndoe had painted a portrait of Robert, which was appreciated by all. It is going to hang in the Tudor House, the hotel he always requested when visiting festivals.

The Robert Hardy Cup, for the annual archery competition, is now complete and ready for its first recipient, in a months’ time.