The Street Banners

Arms of Margaret of Anjou
Royal arms of King Edward IV

The Society organises the production and display of medieval banners that brighten the streets of Tewkesbury every summer. Each is based on the arms of a person who was involved in the Battle. They are made from cotton ‘duck’ and then hand-painted using modern acrylic paints.

During the winter months they are part of a rolling programme of refurbishment, to keep them looking fresh. Another one of our aims is, through on going research, to increase the number every year. In 2019 there were 164 on display. Each year many of the town’s traders then rent one or two of them, which we hang outside their premises from mid June to mid September. Whilst deliberately kept at a level easily affordable by even the smallest of the traders the rental income funds the banner project itself and also helps support the Society‚Äôs wider work. All the current banners are available in our Street Banners book along with a brief description of their heraldic construction and a brief synopsis of the owners. Check our merchandise page to obtain a copy.

All the work on the banners, from painting at our weekly sessions, on a Monday afternoon in Elizabeth Wyatt House, Barton Road, to erection (a good job for those who enjoy ladders!), marketing and rental collection is carried out by a team of volunteers. If you fancy wielding a paintbrush, or helping in any other aspect of the banners project, why not contact us via our contacts page.

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