Anniversary Walk 2020

On Saturday 2nd May we are hosting an all day event to commemorate the 549th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury. We will again be working with our colleagues at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival to tie this event into their Armour at the Abbey held on Saturday and Sunday.

Timetable for the day

The day will begin at 9:00 am, meeting in the entrance to the Abbey rooms. Any items you may wish to leave at the Abbey can be secured in the room. ( just to the left of the main Abbey gate on Church St). You will then be transported by bus to the village of Tredington where Edwards army spent the night prior to the battle. There will be opportunity to visit the Church of St John where rumour suggests that Edward, Richard and George took mass before beginning their march to Tewkesbury on the morning on the 4th May.

We will then walk the route of the Yorkist army took during their advance into the field and upon entering Tewkesbury will pause for coffee at the Gupshill Manor Inn before entering the battlefield itself through the Yorkist lines and walking back through the Lancasterian position. Our guides will explain the manouvers on the day and again you will have the chance to view the field from locations that our regular tours to not cover.

We will then return to the Abbey via the bloody meadow, where lunch can be taken either in the Abbey room (there is a cafe at the Abbey which can provide hot and cold food and drinks, cash only) or you can partake of the numerous pubs and cafes in the town. Following refreshments we will then take you into the Abbey where our colleagues from the Medieval Festival are hosting “Armour at the Abbey” which includes reenactments of Knighting ceremonies, medieval music, Archers and fashions. You will also have chance to visit the tomb of George Duke of Clarence and his wife Isabell, together with several other Knights killed during the battle including Edmund Beaufort Duke of Somerset and Edward Prince of Wales.

The cost of the day includes: transport, coffee and entrance into the Abbey event is £20 (10% discount for Battlefield Trust and Richard III Society members)

To reserve a place please contact Richard Goddard via email with you details. payment will be taken on the day on a cash basis.

Please be aware that the walk covers 4 miles across country and although it will be at a gentle pace there is nowhere to refresh yourself until we reach the Gupshill Manor at approximately the half way point.

One of our battlefield guides describes the Lancastrian deployment

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